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Personalized Coaching

Fasttrack and make progress in no time

The help you need and deserve 

Worry less about mistakes


Hoof Trimming

Pre-requisite: Hoof health mastery level 1&2


in which you receive 2 months of coaching with the course

This online coaching program is for horse owners wanting to trim their own horse's hooves and needing some help along the way. 

If you want to make sure you are doing it correctly, or need help correcting your horse's hooves, or just need to build up confidence taking on this big project, this coaching program is for you.

You will receive:

  • Check-ins - here I check in on your progress and you can raise any concerns and ask any questions you might have about your horse's hooves.

  •  Follow-up evaluations - these compare photos from a couple of months ago with the most recent photos of the hooves, in which the changes are identified and whether that's positive and negative, and if negative what to change in the trim in order to see positive changes again. 

  • Trim consults - these are suggestions on which trim to apply to help the hooves make progress, especially helpful when you're not sure what to do. 


The program you choose is based on your horse's trim schedule, and the duration is a full year to set you up for success.

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