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Understanding Hooves ebook


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Hopefully Positive ebook


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Hoof Evaluations


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Courses & Classes

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TrulyTrust Equine has a range of courses and classes that are hosted on the Equine Academy. You can use the code TT10 for a 10% discount on any course or class from TrulyTrust

These courses are also available on the TrulyTrust Student Portal

Short Courses & Classes

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Intro to equine behaviour short course


Learn to read basic equine behaviour & how it can improve your partnership

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Intro to better hoof health short course


Learn how to improve hoof health & beat thrush with effective, holistic treatments

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Hoof Handling  Masterclass


Understand why your horse doesn't want to cooperate with hoof handling

"This course was great to get my studying brain back into gear. Pitched at a great level for equestrians to really begin to think in depth about their horse's behavior and how we can improve their wellbeing" - Sabrina S

"A different perspective and approach on how we should be working with our horses. There were some great references to research on which the book was based and the inner workings of different horses and how to identity certain characteristics were explained really nicely. I learnt a lot!!!"

"Equine behaviour and body language is a vast subject. This course is an easy to understand introduction, that eases you into the subject and takes into consideration the whole horse approach." - Lisa H

Larger Courses


Hoof Health Mastery - level 1




Take a preventative approach to hoof care


Hoof health Mastery - level 1 & 2


Learn how to trim their own horse's hooves


Overcoming Behavioural Challenges


Understanding and training the rescue or "problem" horse. 

 • KPA accredited     

"I learned so much about hoof health from the course. I'm so grateful for the confidence I now feel in my knowledge on how to best help my horses feet." - Aspen W

"It was awesome! When I enrolled I actually wasn't expecting to learn this much, because I already did a few courses on this topic, but really it was great, so detailed and complete, and I learned many new things!! Thanks for another great course!" - Violetta C

"Loved this course so much! You learn a lot about what to look for and of course Louisa's help is tremendous as well! My horse and I are finally on the right track!" - Kristen M


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Online Services

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Trimming from an inner foot perspective.png

Hoof Evaluation


Have your horse's hooves evaluated to discover which areas are causing pain and how it developed.


Nutrition Evaluation & Custom Diet Formulation


Have your horse's diet evaluated and a custom diet formulated to see improvements in health and BCS.


Prices vary

See Student Portal for available courses and classes

In Person Services

Prices are valid for clients within a 20km radius from Bloemfontein. Additional travel costs may apply to areas outside this radius.

Barefoot Hoof Trim


Cost includes travel costs, and one horse's hooves being trimmed.


Massage Therapy Coaching Session


Learn simple techniques of massage to help your horse in between physio sessions. Also included is a short therapy guide


Depot for Back2Basics and Everything Herbal supplements

Prices vary

Various herbs along with ImmunoHoof and MuscleUp available for purchase.

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