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TrulyTrust Equine, where we help your horse thrive!

Specialising in Equine Holistic Care and Rehabilitation

If you are a passionate equine health enthusiast and interested in learning how to help your horse thrive in his/her everyday lifestyle, then this is the place for you.

At TrulyTrust we look at the whole horse to help you through your horse's current rehabilitation process and get him back to his old self. We also help you with preventative strategies so you can provide the best care for your horse right from the start, thus preventing future health frustrations
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Course Provider at The Equine Academy
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"If any of you are interested in learning more about R+ training or just want to improve your horse's overall welfare and build a better connection with your horse. For knowledgeable leadership & assistance with your journey, I would recommend TrulyTrust Equine. The impact she had on Libby and I can only be shown by the way we interact with each other"

- Alta

"Hoof health is so important! If you haven't already I would 100% recommend taking one of the TrulyTrust hoof courses. She totally changed my and my horse's life!"

- Aliyah

"I had an evaluation done for my horse because I knew he was sore on his feet, the only trouble was figuring out why. Louisa's evaluation is extremely detailed and thorough, her insight coupled with her ebook helped me gain a better understanding of my horse's feet and what I needed to recognize/do in order to get him on the right path"

- Katie


• Diploma in Equine Myofunctional Therapy
• Diploma in Equine Psychology
• Certified Holistic Equine Nutritionist

I understand how a rollercoaster this journey can be

Hey, I'm Louisa and I've been where you are

I started out not knowing much about the health and wellbeing of my horses, and was very focused on training and training alone. Growing up between traditional horsemen, outside a small town with no equine health practitioners except for the local vet, my focus was solely on training. I quickly broke away from traditional training methods which everyone around me practiced, and afterward explored natural horsemanship for years but wasn't able to build the relationship with my horses that I wanted. It was after meeting a young mare named Elvira and nearly giving up on training horses that I discovered positive reinforcement, which completely changed my viewpoint on training.


It's through this training, and the various health challenges my horses faced, that I started looking for underlying physical causes to behavioral problems, as well as for more natural solutions to those physical issues to help my horses heal and recover. And this started a lifelong passion for wellness and rehabilitation. 


Click here to read more about my story and to see the transformations of my own horses.

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I am incredibly committed to the physical and mental health, and the well-being of every single horse that crosses my path, and will search day and night for solutions to the issues they face.


But I also understand how stressful and overwhelming the rehabilitation process or even the holistic care of horses can be because I've been there myself. Therefore I am not only committed to your horse but also to you and want to make everything easier for you as well, so that you can spend more time simply enjoying your horse. I not only want to take the individual horse into consideration but also you and your circumstances. Through this approach, I believe that we can create a healthier and happier life for you both.


Together we can give your horse a vibrant, pain-free life!

I believe in a holistic and individualized approach to the health of horses. Every horse is so unique and special and that's how we should approach their health and wellbeing as well. Through my consults and evaluations, I always start with the basics, making sure the horse's basic needs are met and that he/she has a species-appropriate lifestyle, but then go further and look at what the horse needs as an individual, and how we can not only help the horse survive but THRIVE!


"When it comes to a horse’s soundness and health; hooves are overlooked and neglected - neglect that simply stems from a lack of education. My journey with Louisa started when I decided that I wanted to transition Bonnard to barefoot. I had already started the process with his back hooves a year prior to meeting Louisa, but the transition was unsuccessful, to say the least. Bonnard was in an extremely poor condition - underweight, weak with a dull coat, a lackluster mane, and unhealthy hooves. During our first consultation in September 2021 Louisa did an extremely thorough evaluation – looking at not only his hooves but his posture. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience, she skillfully guided me step by step as she examined Bonnard. After her first consultation, I not only received a full guide to understanding my horses’ hooves, but also a 10-page evaluation in which Louisa extensively and expertly explains the issues Bonnard has in each of his hooves and how it affects his posture and overall health. She also explains how she will address these issues and what I can do from my side to facilitate this journey.


Within 4 months not only was Bonnard completely sound for the first time in years, but his overall condition improved DRASTICALLY. At this time (January 2022) Louisa did another detailed analysis and presented me with a 10-page progress report which showed Bonnard’s amazing improvement. In short, I’m ecstatic with the progress! There are still a few things to work on, but the hooves have made a lot of progress in a very short time, and Bonnard is feeling a lot better because of it. I highly recommend Louisa’s expertise; she goes beyond trimming hooves but educates and advises every step of the way. She always goes above and beyond to answer any questions I might have with extensive theory and practical examples. I am now learning to understand my horses’ hooves and the importance of maintaining healthy hooves."


- Tamzen B

Identify and address the root cause
Overcome pain issues step by step
Feel empowered, confident & capable
Do you recognise this?

You just rescued a new horse and want to help him get healthy again, but everyone has a different opinion on what you should do.

Your heart horse has developed a specific issue recently, and you want to help her recover but every time you think you're making progress something else sets you back.


You feel no one is searching for the WHY behind the pain & not providing long-term solutions, just treating symptoms.


You want to learn how to do it yourself, but you're scared of making a mistake and creating a bigger problem.

Let's make holistic care and rehabilitation easier for you, by breaking the holistic approach down into an easy-to-follow plan. 


Overall Holistic Rehabilitation or Care



The Rehabilitation or Care of a Specific Area 

Barefoot Trimming

Does your horse have pain in his hooves?

You see that your horse struggles walking over rocky terrain, & while you fully enjoy spending time with your horse on outrides, you want him to enjoy it too without being uncomfortable or in pain.

Maybe you've noticed an abnormal gait or picked up that the hooves don't look that good which tends to crack & break easily, and you want to help your equine partner grow strong and healthy hooves.

Or your horse has been diagnosed with a specific hoof condition or constantly struggles with lameness, but you have not yet found long term solutions to help him be sound once again.


I believe that every horse deserves to run around pain free, and that by carefully analysing the hooves & taking a holistic approach by paying attention to diet, environment, trimming etc that can be achieved.


Enjoy worry-free time with your horse again, and avoid costly vet bills  

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