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Does your horse have pain in his muscles?

Sore and tight muscles will restrict movement, and cause the horse to adapt his posture and gait to compensate for the pain. This can have negative consequences since this abnormality will then affect the hooves, creating different wear patterns and leading to distortions which causes yet another source of pain.


With so much pain the horse will be unwilling to move and in most cases train, which can lead to undesirable behaviors and can cause the horse to develop a sour behavior towards the owner, and even to touch. Equine Myofascial Therapy works to help relieve that pain, help restore muscle function and help make the horse more comfortable, which will ultimately help him move better and healthier.

Remedial myofascial therapy is a deep, slow, and sedative form of massage with the goal being to assess and assist in rehabilitation, pain, and injury management and improve overall wellbeing. It’s also this form of massage that has multiple benefits on stress levels and body functions. Remedial massage identifies and works on various forms of muscle damage like spams, adhesions, knots, atrophied and hypertrophied muscles in order to restore blood flow and nerve function in those areas. 

•Improve blood flow   •Relieve pain   •Restore healthy movement  •Help your horse be comfortable

I can help your horse through myofascial release
(Bloemfontein and surroundings only)


First I will need to clear your horse for any contraindications that will prevent me from safely massaging a horse, in some cases a clearance from a vet will be needed. Therefore a soft tissue analysis is done, which helps identify tight muscles, spasms, heat, swelling, etc.


 I do your horse's massage


 The massage is documented along with changes in the muscles so that we can track progress and get to the source of WHY the muscles are tight in the first place. This is done by implementing the V.I.B.R.A.N.T aproach.

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