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Hoof Evaluations

Hoof Evaluations


It's recommended to invest in a hoof evaluation after reading the “Understanding Hooves” ebook because the information within the ebook will help you to understand the evaluation much better.


Invest in this if you:

  • Want to make sure your horse's hooves are as healthy as can be and want to rule out pain in the hooves
  • If you notice abnormal growth, abnormal gait, or an unwillingness in your horse to move, and want to know where the pain is coming from
  • If you notice any sensitivity over rocky terrain in your horse
  • If you are seeing behavioural issues and want to know whether pain in the hooves might be a factor in aggression, frustration or depression.


Every hoof evaluation includes an analysis/evaluation on the hooves of your horse. Mark-ups are done showing you exactly what I see and then the whole evaluation is typed up and explained in a pdf format, which you can download and refer back to later. Afterward, I’m more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.


With follow up evaluations the photos from your last evaluation are compared with the new photos through which I will be able to tell you which areas of the hooves have improved and which have worsened along with possibilities as to why it has happened, this way you will know whether you are on the right track towards anatomically correct hooves or whether you need to change something.

Hoof evaluation product
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